A young woman wearing a crown of flowers kneels at the base of the wide-branching oak tree with whom she spent countless hours as a child and makes a vow to stand in the way of anybody who would bring harm and destruction to the natural world.

Cloaked in the pale, white light of the full moon, a waterbender bows their head to the spirits of the moon and sea and then lifts their arms, drawing in a huge tidal wave to send crashing into an enemy raiding ship that would surely destroy the tribe’s village if they made landfall.

Devoted to the spirits of truth and justice, a righteous man from the Fire Nation challenges the tyrannical leader of a powerful clan for the right to rule. While he knows that he can’t match the rulers might, he has faith that what he’s doing is right; although he knows he’s beaten in strength, he’ll make up the difference with unfaltering commitment to see the truth come to light.

Monks serve as intermediaries between spirits and the material world. They carry out the purpose of the spirits they serve, and for their service, their patron spirits magnify their spiritual energy. Not just a spiritual follower, monks have dedicated themselves to their patron spirits, committing themselves to a life lived as an embodied extension of the spirit itself.