A young archer whistles from high in a tree. Indistinguishable from the call of a bird, they signal the arrival of Earth Kingdom soldiers. The people in the nearby town ready themselves to spring into action, inspired to take back the fruits of their labor.

Having walked for a number of days equal to her age, an Air Nomad descends from the peaks to see the world. Glider on her back, she is a sign of good fortune for a down on their luck Fire Clan constantly under the thumb of their more powerful neighbors.

A man with a gruff beard slouches in the corner of a darkly lit tavern. He peers over the rim of a dented mug as he takes a gulp of ale, listening to the bartender tell tale of the spirit that’s been haunting the woods. He puts down his mug and offers his service. This could be just the fight he’s been looking for.

Ever wandering from place to place, the drifter is not lost, nor have they a home. Each has their own reason for taking to the road, but all carry their story along with them.