A hard stomp and a roundhouse kick pops up a hard disc of earth and sends it flying with power and precision; even if the first is dodged, two more are already on the way.

A Water Nation warrior takes a low stance, calf deep in a shallow river, two large, heavy water whips extend from their hands, rising and falling like waves, daily training to be strong for the coming war.

Ducking a hard burst of air, a muscley girl from the streets of the big city deftly closes the gap between her and her opponent. Quick jabs crack ribs, and a well-placed knee takes their wind away.

Fighters are divers in personality and skill, but their role is simple and pervasive, win the fight. Always striving toward the peak of their potential, the fighter weaponizes their strength, speed, and skill to become the epitome of formidable foes in combat.