Red clay cracks in the baking hot sun, scorching sand as far as the eye can see, volcanoes coughing up soot and seeping lava.  The Firelands are a magnificent and devastating place, whose energy is enlivening, even electrifying, as illustrated by the Natives, whose spirits have been set alight.  To most, the Firelands are warm and hospitable, as long as one is aware of themself, and they take the utmost care to never, ever incur the wrath of a dragon.

Dynamic and Radiant

Natives of the Firelands live life alight with the brilliance and power of fire.  They can be comforting and warm, energetic and exciting, or wild and intense.  They respond to life with spirit and vigor, always being true to their heart.  Fire Natives excel at expressing themselves through art.  They are known to be great singers, dancers and painters.  Since much of the Firelands hold scarce resources, most Fire Natives are skilled hunters and foragers, and many learn to ride a horse at a young age.

It’s rare to find someone from the Firelands whose skin hasn’t been kissed by the sun.  Most Fire Natives have eyes of brown, yellow, and gold, though a few are known for their intense, red eyes.  Their clothes are made from dark leather and tanned fabrics, typically dyed in hues of red, bown, orange, and yellow, and are usually worn loose and flowing.

Fuel Seekers

The Fire Tribes are in constant competition for the resources provided by the land, those who secure them thrive.  Different tribes have found different ways of life over the years.  The few who found fertile lands developed their agriculture, relying on the sun to provide their energy.  Now they are forced to defend their crops or give offerings to those who would otherwise take from them.  Some tribes scour the land, taking their energy where it comes, making use of what it has to offer, but never taking more than they need, knowing that they will need those resources again the next time they come around.   Other tribes take what they need, sometimes want, indiscriminately, from wherever they can find it, often leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

The tribes of the Firelands stay in constant flux.  Those who find fuel flourish and when it’s consumed they fall.  Tribes come into power for a time and inevitably they eventually recede, no tribe has ever conquered the entirety of the continent.  All who have tried have stretched themselves thin, and run out of gas.  Power rules in the Firelands, but power requires sustained energy over time; when they can no longer sustain that energy, their power wanes.

Spiritually Radiant

While limited resources can make life in the Firelands difficult at times, the people have a energy to their spirit that is unmatched.  The tribes look to their deities in times of pain and prosper, using ceremony and ritual to connect with the gods and goddesses of their land.  While different rituals are performed in different circumstances by different tribes with different practices and traditions, they all have one thing in common, they always include some form of music, song and dance.  Music is the common language of all Fire Tribes, learned at a young age and incorporated in all aspects of life.  People across the world have heard of the beautiful and intricate ceremonial dances of the Fire Tribes.

The Fire Tribes are also known to produce stunning visual art, beautiful fabrics and clothing.  Warm reds, yellows, oranges and golds are made from the mineral-rich clays found throughout the Firelands.  Volcanic mineral deposits and the ability to create intense, sustained heat has helped Fire Tribes to create blacks, whites, blues and greens deeper and richer in color than anywhere else in the world.  Fire Natives value these colors very highly and ornament their most prized possessions in brilliant color.  The finest Fireland fabrics are said to resemble the breath of a dragon.

Inner Flame

Everyone in the Firelands holds their inner flame sacred.  For a Fire Native, the inner flame is their life energy, their spirit, their heart and soul.  They tend to it as they would a fire and it keeps them feeling healthy, warm and bright.  When the inner flame is burning bright, a fire person is in good spirits, excited, and inspired.  When it goes dim they’ll feel as if something is lacking or their spirit is suppressed.  They’ll feel driven to rekindle their flame, to avoid the feeling that they’ve been snuffed out.

A Fire Native may be forced to take action if their inner flame is burning too bright or too dim, if they cannot find the energy to sustain their flame in their current situation.  If their light feels low, they may need a new fuel source to feel alive again.  If it’s been set ablaze, they may seek out a dark place in need of their light, a place where they can provide and inspire.  If they feel smothered or trapped, they may seek out someone to help remove the obstacles restricting them or someone who can fan their flame.  If another person has caused their inner fire to flare, they will go to the ends of the earth to find that person and resolve their passion, be it out of love or hate.  There are many reasons for a fire person to set out on an adventure, but it will almost always relate back to the condition of their inner flame.