An Air Nomad coolheadedly explains to a guard that she and her group have been invited by the local figurehead to join them to discuss an important, top secret trade item, and “No, we cannot tell you what it is so that you can inquire with the proper authority, it’s top secret, remember?”

Two stones thud off of leather armor as a man as imposing and fearsome as a bear lets loose a mighty roar, he charges forward and his team falls in behind him, using himself as bait to coax out the enemy and then overwhelming them with force.

Seeing his friend being swarmed by vicious hyena wasps, a waterbender sends a wave crashing through the pack, washing them aside. He helps them rise and ensures them he’ll keep them safe, readying them for the next attack.

Being a leader is more of a mindset than a role. It means being the one that cares for the group and looks out for its best interest, the one that puts themself aside to ensure that the group is thriving. It means listening and knowing the group. At the end of the day, nobody is forced to follow the leader, and it would be nonsense to call someone a leader who nobody will follow.