Drawing the weapon back at the hip and bending at the knees to build power, a powerful weapon smith charges the head of her maul with intensifying flames. Made from bones and hide of a vicious red dragon, the mighty maul lands with a crack and a flash of fire, incinerating its target.

Hunkered away for days in a dark, basement forge, pounding away at a hard, dark metal, mined from a meteorite, the innovative armorer will combine it with steel to make a chainmail, impenetrable to the common blade.

Fingers dance nimbly across fabric as the needle rises and falls like the waves of the seamstress’s hometown by the sea. She embroiders a cloak with a traditional water nation pattern resembling fish scales, a symbol of protection.

The maker has the unique ability to create empowered items. They are skilled crafters who spend their spare time practicing their craft. As they gain skill and experience their crafts become more and more powerful. Those who reach the pinnacle of their craft come to create the artifacts we hear of in legends.