Hailing from a nomadic clan of artists and fire dancers, a woman with dark features and a deep gaze has a premonition that a dark spirit will soon shadow the world; acting on her intuition, she sets out to find the spirit and settle its scorn before it can scour the land.

Journeying deep into the forbidden realms of the material world where the spirits determine one’s fate, an earthen shaman seeks to understand the hidden truths of the natural world. Coming face to face with spirits that would twist another’s soul, the shaman’s survival is a testament to their will. They go knowing they may never return, but each time they do, they come bearing another piece of spiritual strength.

Seated in full lotus, full silence, for days straight, a monk in loose, light, near weightless robes attempts to release his spirit from the confines of his body. Using a combination of fasting, meditation, and deep breathing techniques, he strives to reach the spirit world through routine, persistence and dedication.

Those who seek the secrets of the spirit world are considered mystics. They delve into the unknown and bring back the wonders that it holds. Communing with powerful spirits is a difficult and dangerous undertaking, but the reward for those who find spirits willing to share is knowledge and power that most would never dream of.