The son of a son of a sailor, born on a boat, rocked to sleep by the waves each night, blanket bathed by the pale moon light, grows up to be, as a child of the sea, a waterbending prodigy.

An orphaned girl grows up in the streets of a small city, quick and cunning as they come, she never backs down from a challenge, and stops at nothing to get her way. Persuasive by nature and intimidating to boot; when her threats are not received, she follows through without hesitation. By the time she’s in her teens, she’s taken over the underground, but to her that’s just the beginning, her intent is to rise to the top.

An Air Nation monk perched high atop a cliff overlooking a wide, open valley lets loose a burst of sound and listens as it echoes back. Each time it returns, they send it back into the valley again, creating a sustained loop, then adding another sound, and another. After a minute, they have the valley singing a symphony of sounds, showing off their new sub-bending style, soundbending.

Prodigies are a class of talented, powerful, and innovative benders. Their potential can be without limit, but their power has the potential to get away from them. Smart, strong, and charismatic, it’s easy to have high expectations for the prodigy, but the responsibility that comes with power can be a heavy burden to bear.