The Red Lotus is a highly disorganized group of social dissidents. To even call them an organization would be misleading, it is more of a movement, a dispersion of like-minded individuals whose goal is to disrupt the status quo. 

Their actions are most often in direct opposition to the ruling powers, namely the White Lotus and their allies, and they almost never operate with a goal of achieving or building anything of their own. Their philosophy is anarchist by nature, though they don’t make any organized effort to impose anarchy, the popular understanding being that organized revolution would only create a power vacuum, which would inevitably end with another tyrant taking control.

The Red Lotus believe that people are inherently good and able, capable of self-governance and self-regulation, or at least self-organization. They see all national and international governance as self-serving control mechanisms, made to exploit the efforts of the individual and “legitimize” the restriction of the people’s actions to those that are “productive”, all for the gain of the rich and powerful. They believe that people should have the freedom to decide how they live their lives, rather than be relegated to life as a cog in the rich man’s machine.

They are opposed to all organizations that use many to serve few, whether they be religious, political or criminal, they are all vehicles of exploitation to the Red Lotus.

Historically, Red Lotus efforts to organize have been quashed by those in power. Labor unions, protests, sit-ins, etc, are quickly broken up or worn down over time, occasionally achieving small gains, which are typically taken away a short while later. Being inherently opposed to organization, the Red Lotus’s organized efforts often fall short of their mark; but they do make progress. 

By vocalizing their dissent, pointing out the injustices, crying out for more and better, they gain popular support, and there is power in numbers. As their ideas spread, they infiltrate the minds of the people, even those in power, eventually creating social change. But those who truly believe in the Red Lotus feel social change is not enough, that there’s a need for structural change, that the White Lotus and the rest of the world powers have to fall.