A sly, dark figure slinks through the shadows of a dark alleyway. With air beneath their feet, they swiftly and silently scale the side of the building, making their way to the roof. Slipping a shim through a crack in the window, they lift the lock with deft hands. In they step without a sound to take their prize and slip out unseen.

On a high mountain-side road, an outlaw hides behind a rocky outcrop. Waiting patiently for her mark to reach a perfectly precarious part of the path, she collapses the ground around them, leaving them trapped on the cliffside. Like a conniving bridge troll, she demands a toll in exchange for passage. Payment in hand, she resurrects the path and burrows into the cliffside, adding the treasure to her secret mountain trove.

A skilled ice fisher from the far northern reaches of the Water Nation, renowned for their unconventional fishing method, is sought out and contracted to catch a bigger fish. After first freezing their target solid from the inside out, they realized that they would be contending with the complications of having such a dangerous power for the rest of their life.

Sneaky, cunning, tricky and quick, rogues are masters of all things underhanded. Relying on deft action and wit to gain the upper hand, a rogue knows no scruples and will use any trick in the book to outfox their opponent.