After spending years poring over tomes in a great library, an old woman, suspicious and wise has finally connected the dots to uncover the hidden location of a long lost artifact. Stretching her legs, she sets out to recover its mysteries.

A kooky old bat from the Earth Kingdom who stays hidden away in the rainforest is called to share his findings. After studying every plant, animal and fungus he could get his hands on, he has found a secret that must be shared, but upon leaving the forest, he finds no one can be trusted.

A waterbending master who teaches those who would learn, waterbender or not, to move like water in battle and in life, finds themself unable to rest after receiving news that a former student is using what they learned for destruction.

A sage is wise and well-studied. They know the ins and outs of their area of expertise and often hold information that others do not. They are focused, but not narrow-minded, and often they offer a voice of reason in groups unruly adventurers.